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Callaway Golf is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of golf clubs, golf balls, accessories, apparel, and gadgets related to golf. The company has numerous retail stores, and they have nine regional distributors located across the globe, namely in Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, Latin America, New Zealand, and Europe.

Brief History

The company was established during the early 80’s. Ely Callaway, a golf enthusiast and a professional player, bought a big share of Hickory Sticks, a leading manufacturer of golf clubs back then. However, due to declining sales, Hickory Sticks looked for investors and Callaway was one of them.

Callaway bag

After the acquisition, the company was renamed to Callaway Hickory Sticks. A few years after the acquisition, the company became known as Callaway Golf. From then on, the success of the company continued. It acquired other companies, creating a strong, hard-to-beat corporation that produces excellent, top-of-the-line golf products.

The company manufactures, distributes, and retails its own product lines. It also authorizes retailers to sell its products. The products that the company sells include golf equipment, golf apparel, and golf accessories. Throughout the years since its acquisition in 1980, the company adopted innovative technologies to enhance its product lines. It continues to deliver quality to its consumers.

Golf Equipment

Much like those of other firms, Callaway’s clubs come in four general kinds: iron set, fairway woods, wedges, and the putter. Overall, a golf club set may have a total of 14 clubs to as many as 18 clubs. However, in official tournaments, a player may only bring a maximum of 14 clubs. In an informal play, a golf player can have as many as 18 in a golf bag to as few as 8 (which may comprises a driver, a wedge, a putter, and other iron sets necessary to complete the game).

Though branded clubs such as those from Callaway Golf perform better than most cheap alternatives, the ideal golf club still depends on the player’s physique, including height and arm length. The club length should fit the player to maximize play-ability and performance in the course. Also, power and precision are important aspects of the player’s ability in selecting the right clubs to bring and use in the game. Power refers to the player’s speed while precision is the ability of the player to drive the ball onto the green.

Golf driver

Callaway golfIt is one of the many wood sets and is the first club used to hit a golf ball. Used in the game to swing and drive a golf ball from the fairway towards the hole, the driver is one of the most important golf clubs that must be present in any golfer’s arsenal.

Golf iron set

The iron set is the workforce of your golf bag. The driver launches your game but the right set of irons helps you finish the game. A golfer may include seven sets or fewer, with number 3-9.

Golf wedge

Wedge, though not commonly used, is also an important golf club. The wedge is used mainly to dislodge a golf ball from a difficult spot such as sand pit and mud lies. It has the shortest shaft, heaviest club head, and highest loft. A golfer must have at least one kind of wedge in the golf bag, especially if the course has soft lies.

Golf Putter

Unlike the other clubs, a putter has a specific structure for it to be considered part of a golfer’s bag. It has flat club head, bent shaft, non-circular grip, and low loft. It is specifically used in the putting green, used only in rolling the ball into the hole. The putter is one of the most important clubs that a player must have in the golf bag.

Golf Balls


Golf balls are as important as golf clubs. Choosing the right ball for your game involves the need to consider your ability as a player. Your speed, flexibility, and the power in your swing are important factors to consider in choosing the ball fit for you. Before investing in expensive balls, try playing with different kinds of cheaper balls.

Through this method, you would be able to find out which ball is perfect for your style. Balls are manufactured differently. Also, different materials are used for each kind of golf ball. There are balls that seem too light for a golfer. Alternatively, there are balls that may be too heavy for some.

Though Callaway Golf produces quality golf products ranging from necessities down to accessories, other companies are available out there. Indeed, it’s not hard to find other firms that manufacture golf products of equal quality. Whichever brand you choose with your golf equipment, don’t forget to think about your ability and physical attributes. As for golf apparel and accessories, preference and comfort are the top criteria.

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