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Motivational SpeakersFor you to become one of the effective motivational speakers requires you to be a living sample. Motivational speakers are not standing in front of their audience just to give the best tips that they have read in a book. They must also apply the tips and advice's they give to their own lives. For reference must visit motivational-speaker-success.

If you aspire to become one of the great motivational speakers for finance, here are financial habits that you can start doing today.

Enroll your bank accounts online

  1.  Enroll your utilities accounts, recurring expenses, emergency fund or large purchase online. This will help you monitor anytime and anywhere all your expenses especially the monthly and large expenses.
  2.  Set-up alerts on your bank accounts and credit cards. Remind yourself through notifications when your checking account balance is below the limit or your credit card is due already but still unpaid.
  3.  Transfer funds every pay day or set-up automatic deductions on your payroll account to be deposited on your health savings account.

Check your points on your credit cards. Redeem points through gift cheques, gift cards, additional discounts or purchase something with the equivalent points.

Store your loose coins in a big sturdy canister

  1.  Check your junk drawers, furniture cushions, bags and other places for loose coins and drop it in a canister.
    2.  On your next trip to the bank, exchange your loose coins.

Check your wallet

  1.  Look for receipts that must be discarded or need reimbursement.
  2.  Check the expiration dates of the cards inside your wallet. Dispose properly your expired cards through shredding or cutting it. Ensure that no one can determine any information on your cards.
  3.  Find unused gift cards and spend it.

Identify your non-monthly expenses but recurring such as car insurance, property taxes, children boosters or pet vaccines. Save money for these expenses on your savings account so that it will be easy for you to pay these bills when it is due.

Set-up investment and retirement accounts with a trusted brokerage firm. Make a one-time deposit or an automated monthly transfer from your payroll account.

Check your profile and personal information

  1.  Update or remove information to make sure the financial institutions have your current details.
  2.  On your different financial accounts, validate and verify your security questions, name spelling, email address, contact numbers, card numbers and bank account information.
  3.  For your retirement account, update your list of beneficiaries.
  4.  Make the changes in your information and details online.
  5.  Start completing and processing the forms. Mail the forms, if necessary.
  6.  Create a tax information file – electronic or in paper. You need to keep track all your records throughout the year to prevent problems.

motivational-speakingReview all your billing statements for items related to property taxes or tax deductions especially if you have expenditures as a freelance such as professional subscriptions.

Decide how you want to save or spend the tax refund you are expecting before it will be deposited in your bank account.

Determine the amount and identify the kind of insurance you and your family need. Remember that you have to consider all the factors such as the economic value if you are a work from home parent.

  1.  Compute your insurance needs. There are financial institutions that offers free online insurance calculator.
  2.  Shortlist the products and services of insurance companies that you would like to avail.
  3.  Review the performance of the insurance companies that you have shortlisted. Check for feedback and look for testimonials from current and past clients.
  4.  Ask questions from your insurance agent if you need to make adjustments in your coverage to suits your needs.

The above financial habits will help you share to your audience your personal experiences. One trait of motivational speakers is role model. Applying the above habits in your life will surely help you to become the best motivational speaker for finance.