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The worst thing that you can put on your website aside from pop ups is Captcha. No one loves captchas, and regardless if you care about what people feel towards it or not, captchas carry with them a side effect that can negatively impact you – captchas destroy SEO conversions. The situation of having little or no SEO conversions leads to having little or no money in your pocket.

A Brief History of Captcha

CaptchaBack when technology and the web began to improve at lightning speed, many other elements evolved along with them, including spam. The proliferation of spam became such a great problem for common users and web masters alike that a solution to them was eventually designed.

When the solution was created, it was quickly introduced and was called CAPTCHA, or the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This program was created in order to weed out the spambots from the human users.

However, it turned out eventually that spambots and their makers are not idiots, and so in a short period of time they were able to find a way to outsmart captchas.

Regardless of this news, captchas are still able to weed out at least a percentage of all spam content that is significant enough to keep them going, which is practically the reason why they continue to exist today.

The use of the captcha comes at a price. Not only does captcha stop spam from entering a website, but it also stops human visitors. To make matters worse, captchas also prevent search engine bots too. For instance, if your website contains content that can only be accessed after passing the captcha test, then it would obviously be inaccessible to search engine bots. Even if they are able to do so, they would not bother filling the captcha tests in. The bots will simply look for other friendlier websites.

Probably the worst thing about captchas is the fact that they are susceptible to data loss. You may have experienced filling out a form when buying something online in the past, and then taking a captcha before your information is uploaded and finalized. If you happen to have made a mistake in what you have written in the captcha, you risk losing the information on the online form you filled up and starting from scratch once more.

Captcha Kills Conversions

Captcha killThere is nothing worse in SEO than losing conversions. Dealing with tons of spam is much better than losing conversions. Losing conversions is basically losing business opportunities and earnings. Although the captcha results vary from one site to another, the idea remains that conversions are negatively affected by captchas.

For example, if you use captcha on a signup form for a newsletter, the number of subscribers you have will decline by as much as half of the total number, simply because people do not have the time nor the will and effort to pass a captcha test just so they could access your website’s content. If you find that hard to believe, try it on your website yourself and take note of how the SEO conversions change.

Usually, captchas use simple tests such as filling in numbers or letters on a provided space, but since many of them come move around or use animations which distort the image, customers are turned off and look for other websites. The harder the captcha is, the more conversions you lose.

Should You Get Rid of your Captcha?

Captchas do more harm than they do good. They do not prevent all types of spam, and when they do, they include the good guys such as the search engine bots. People are also annoyed with how difficult captchas can be and how it can erase information on online forms once you fail the captcha.

It is obvious from how much damage captcha can cause you that you should get rid of it right away, and just look for new ways to protect your website from spambots.

If you were to search for common topics related to SEO, you would immediately get hit with opinions on the matter of getting to the number one spot in Google. This is often times the worst thing that you can read, because it will confuse you. Everyone has an opinion on this matter, and most people are completely wrong. There have been countless examples from the past, where people assumed that they were going to move forward with rankings and metrics that were guaranteed to get them to that coveted spot for their keywords and domains, to no avail. You may be one of them, chasing the coveted area of the search engines, and unfortunately, you’re nowhere to be found. In reality, only top a SEO firm really knows how to get to the top and they aren’t just telling everyone.

Avoiding The Blogging World

seoIn the past, you could rely on blogs to give you a little bit of good information, but today, it’s a breeding ground for misinformation, and just terrible ideas. Yes, there are some great blogs out there, and some of them will share with you some good information, but the vast majority of options are going to showcase nothing but rumors and speculation as to how to implement changes in search engine optimization and marketing for your pages. If it were so easy, there would be no speculation on the matter, and things would just settle down. The reason why a SEO firm is needed so much today, is because people are quick to believe what these smaller pages say. Avoid the commentary from these locales, or you may in fact find yourself penalized by search engines.

Who Is Really At The Top of The Search Engines?

Do you really know what sites are displayed first? Some people may think that it’s search queries, but a SEO firm will tell you a different story. The truth of the matter is that the first major listings that are delivered in crowded niches are sponsored listings. Search any major term and you will see no less than 5 sponsored links, and a sidebar along the search results of links as well. These are placed there by those that are paying for a shot at getting your clicks. If you were to look at a heat map of user behavior, you would find that they most often click on sponsored links, not just the number one spot. This would lead some people to believe that SEO is useless, and therefore not worthy of a chase. SEO is just one aspect of the internet marketing world, so don’t be so quick to throw it away.

Guaranteeing Success

Can a SEO firm really promise success? At first glance, you would think that every single person that is working with search engine optimization is getting a deluge of traffic. The truth is actually quite interesting. Most companies aren’t even found when you search for them using keyword phrases. If a company can’t rank high for keywords in their field, would you trust them? The companies and firms that can guarantee success are often times the ones that are either cutting corners or are confident in their ability. If it’s not just hubris, then you will find they will give you a 90 day guarantee. Give them 90 days and they’ll transform your pages rank before your eyes. That’s a good, modest estimate of how long it may take to get moving forward with search engine optimization and see a return on your investment.
With so many people chasing that top spot, you owe it to yourself to seek the help of a firm that will not only help you rank high, but will also help with internet marketing components outside of that framework.